Moving Days

15 Aug

Tis the season to be moving la la la la la dee da. yep it’s moving day for me. Sucks. Pretty much all my house has boxes everywhere, and since we sold all our furniture we have none, nada, ZERO. I learned that 1. I hate moving. 2. I hate my new house. 3. Well not sure ’bout the school, but in context of this sentence I’ll say I hate that too. This is my 2nd year I’ve gone to public school and my first year wasn’t too good. 1. I lost a lot of my friends cause they joined other groups. 2. I dreaded, hated, totally umm despised my teachers, (well exempt for my english teacher, he was good) 3. Back at my old school i was a straight A and B student and there I was a D and F student, (well half of it is my fault cause I never asked for any help but whatever) Yes I’ve spent most of my life (there is no need for you to know how old I am) in private school. but yah. Nya nya nya.


Little tip: in most of my blogs and comments i will write nya, it means meow in japanese. Little tip incase you didn’t know. He he he Nya


So when life gets you down and you make lemonade (even if you don’t live near a market or have a lemon tree? Strange) Ok I don’t really like that motto but I guess since I already wrote it, it’s my BLOG MOTTO OF THE DAY. *dramatic music and drums*

Bye bye 🙂


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